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Sleeping on the job

This is the hole made by the squirrel that chewed through the kitchen window screen to get into the house:
squirrel break-in Aug 2014

This is where Betty found Pickles after she (Betty, not Pickles) shooed the squirrel out of the house:

On your mark

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She’s dressed and ready.

For what? We have no idea.

Happier days

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No more house guests, so the beloved air mattress has been put away. But not before one more nap.

Why, oh, why?

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Let’s just say it: she’s pissed.

And she doesn’t agree that this is necessary. Just as the itch-relief ointment and expensive cortisone spray were unjustified (and downright insulting).

She also refuses to acknowledge that, since the T-shirts, she’s stopped scratching and her owies are beginning to heal.

(Plus, dogs in clothes are pretty hilarious.)

This is going to get worse before it gets better.


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Check out Elsie! Would your pet be cool on a boat? Wearing a life jacket?

Not Pickles.



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Quietly waiting out the rain.

She’ll persevere for about 4 minutes.

Oh, Poppy

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It’s not enough that you leave Pickles to visit Elsie?

How could you?


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