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There is a universal truth – that there is a particular order to things. When that order is broken – violated, even – one must quickly decide how to react.

One can embrace the change.

Or, one can plow through and restore the order to its original state.

Poppy is sitting in Pickles’ daytime chair, thereby forcing her to make a decision.

Order will be restored.

More Poppy love

Just because.

You still there?

You’ve been in my chair a long time, but I want you to be happy, so don’t get up on my account.

I’ll wait right here.

Insult to Injury

It was a bright fall day, just warm enough to enjoy being outside. And lucky Pickles, one of the chaises was right in the sun.

But Betty was cold on the other chaise, so she forced Piks to share.

After a few short minutes of this ignominious treatment of Piks, Betty decided she was too warm so she went back into the house.

Couch wars

Poppy had to go out for a while. He’d barely shut the door behind him before Piks nabbed his spot on the sofa.

What happens when he returns is their problem to solve.


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Even though it was only a month ago that Piks was wearing T-shirts, she prefers to think of it as way back when.

By the way, that’s not a parquet floor she’s relaxing on. It’s a coffee table.


Keepimg an eye on the back yard while also keeping Betty company.


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