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Skunked. Again.

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The backyard reeked all night long. Everybody knew there was a skunk outside.

Pickles knew.

Betty knew.

Poppy knew.

Roz knew from next door.

So when Poppy acquiesced to the whining and agreed to take Pickles out around 5 am, nobody knew why, instead of grabbing her leash and taking her out front, he just opened the back door for her to run into the yard.

Where the skunk was waiting for her.

There’s not enough baking soda in the world to clean her up.

Kinda like Ollie

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If you grew up with Kukla, Fran and Ollie, you know what we’re talking about.


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This is Pickles’ friend, Lola. We don’t think we’ve ever met someone – human, canine or otherwise – so super-cool.

Have you?

What are you looking at?

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Take a picture. It’ll last longer.

Unless I eat it.

Working the long con

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A couple of weeks ago, there was a big, late-night thunderstorm. Like a lot of dogs, Ms. P does not enjoy the noise, so she convinced Poppy to wake up and join/protect her in a quieter room for the night. Being a good Poppy, of course he did this.

Which takes us to the nighttime storm of this week. Piks woke up Poppy, who dutifully moved to the other room for her.

Piks jumped up into bed and took Poppy’s spot – pillow and all.

What’s she plotting next?

The big boss

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Poppy’s working in the yard. Pickles is making sure he does a good job.

As a reward, she’ll let him make her lunch.

It was a dark and stormy night

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Not ideal conditions for such a sensitive critter. Thank goodness Poppy was around to protect her.

Of course, that meant that he didn’t get to sleep, either.

After two days of napping, Pickles has finally recovered from the ordeal. Just in time for a long, firework-filled weekend.


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