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It’s kind of a long story

Remember that squirrel that got through the screen window while Pickles napped comfortably in the next room? it came back, and this time really got into the house.

The whole place was chaos, as Betty, Poppy, Piks, and a few more folks ran around trying to corner the critter (Betty managed to get a little bit of video). Pickles caught the squirrel a few times, but didn’t quite know what to do from there, so she released it (she’s super-domesticated). Mostly, she just cowered behind the people.


It’s easy to be brave when you’re wrapped around a human

The squirrel was eventually trapped, and the house is peaceful once again. Of course, if you ask Ms. P, she’ll tell you all about her harrowing – and heroic – experience.


The sun is warm, the air is cool, and the hose is handy.

A treat

We haven’t gone outside to play the hose game since Piks was skunked, but she’s been so (surprisingly) cooperative about wearing t-shirts during allergy season that we just couldn’t turn her down one more time.

Of course the water revived those last bits of skunk, making her smell like a tire fire or a garbage barge or a pile of armpits.

Oh, well.

Sleeping on the job

This is the hole made by the squirrel that chewed through the kitchen window screen to get into the house:
squirrel break-in Aug 2014

This is where Betty found Pickles after she (Betty, not Pickles) shooed the squirrel out of the house:

On your mark

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She’s dressed and ready.

For what? We have no idea.

Happier days

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No more house guests, so the beloved air mattress has been put away. But not before one more nap.

Why, oh, why?

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Let’s just say it: she’s pissed.

And she doesn’t agree that this is necessary. Just as the itch-relief ointment and expensive cortisone spray were unjustified (and downright insulting).

She also refuses to acknowledge that, since the T-shirts, she’s stopped scratching and her owies are beginning to heal.

(Plus, dogs in clothes are pretty hilarious.)

This is going to get worse before it gets better.


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