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Paw it Forward: Wright Way Rescue

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This week we’re talking about Wright Way Rescue. WWR got its start in 2003 to help rescue adoptable dogs and cats from kill shelters in southern Illinois (where the vast majority of animals are euthanized, regardless of their adoptability) . Since then, they’ve grown into a facility that takes in animals from other states, as well as from homes that can no longer keep them. WWR also takes in a number of pregnant animals, like Pickles’ mother (birth mother, that is); this ensures that both mother and babies are well-cared for. You can see in the photos below that Ms P was fat, healthy and ready to party from the day we brought her home.

Check out Wright Way Rescue’s website to learn more. Like all non-profits, they depend heavily on donations and grants to maintain the level of quality care and services they provide. If you live nearby, consider adopting one of their pets or volunteering.

And if you have an animal welfare organization that you think we should know about, leave a comment or email us at picklesthepup @!

Pickles and Poppy’s first day together

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My name is Pickles, and I'm a Great American Mutt. I like just about everything, including a good nap!

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  1. Joey and Lola came from Wright Way. In fact, Joey is from Arkansas, which could explain a lot of his “idiosyncrasies.” Wright Way is a fine institution and could use some help due to losing their lease.

  2. Ms Information

    Holy guacamole was she cute!!! Looked like a little lab puppy.Ms P loves looking at her puppy pictures

  3. Aww!! Such a cutie!


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