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Monday morning wake-up: The worst thing that could ever happen

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It rained. Pickles is okay with Mondays, but rainy days do get her down. We’re not sure how a dog who will eat, climb, roll in, and dig through anything can be such a weather princess. Nonetheless, this is how she spent most of the day:


About pickleslp

My name is Pickles, and I'm a Great American Mutt. I like just about everything, including a good nap!

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  1. Well, Pickles and Mattie must be sisters under the skin. If I’m outside with Mattie and see feels one drop of rain, she makes a made dash for the house. She’ll check if it’s raining before she ventures out the door.

  2. Mine don’t mind the rain, but despise all other forms of water. Haha! Cute picture!

  3. Arlene Greene

    Same thing my 4 critters did…kept peeking out the dog door and being surprised the rain hadn’t stopped…

  4. First, I love the name Pickles! Second – I need to get one of those screens! My dogs *made* their own in four of my screen doors…haha! To be fair, I do have four dogs 😉

    • Thanks, ADH – if you like my first name, you’ll probably appreciate that my middle name is Lillian. I love my new screen door!!! I have one at my other house, too. One of the before me dogs tried to make one out of a window screen, but the humans didn’t go for it.

      • Awww – I had a lab mutt named Lily! Do you know where the screen door came from (as my dogs weren’t terribly concerned about letting bugs get in the house as long as they could get out of the house)? I’m worried that more screens are going to meet their demise with this dog ingenuity!!

      • They’re all over the internet, but we got ours from We got another to fit a sliding patio door, and we love that one, too!

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