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Dear Diary,

I’ve been so busy lately (I think Betty is on a mission to wear me out) that I haven’t had much time to reflect lately. Today has been a good one so far – the weather was cool enough to play outside, I saw my friends at the park, and Betty and I did some walking together. I try to be a good sport when we walk, but how she always manages to get my leash tangled up, I’ll never know. She tries to blame it on me, but I’m not the one on the free end. And it wouldn’t hurt if she tried a little harder to keep up – every time we pass a tree or street sign, I have to double back because she’s lagging and on the other side of it. I do admit that she’s awfully patient when I see a bunny. Although, if she really wanted to cooperate, she’d let go so I could run after it.

Later, before dinner, I think I’ll see what laundry Poppy left out for me and take it outside. But for now, I’m just waiting for Judge Judy to begin so I can take my nap. I’m so tired, I may not be able to hold out.


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  1. What pet doesn’t wear you out?? Such a peaceful looking sleeper 😛

  2. Naomi manages to get my leash tangled up too. I have these spurts of energy when we are outside and I like to make a mad dash and run around in circles, but Naomi can’t seem to untangle herself from the leash. I, of course, have nothing to do with this. I also think that Pickles and I are sisters under the skin. I love to get into the laundry, but I am very specific about which piece of Naomi’s laundry I like. And, I love to chew on it, and have ruined a couple of pairs…one was new. Oh well, I’m so adorable so I really believe I can get away with it. 🙂


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