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Paw it Forward: Save-A-Pet

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Bob was a sweet-natured lab mixed with something very large who loved to lean his 110-pound frame against you to let you know he was there for you. He was playful, friendly and mighty good-looking, and Betty was convinced that everyone wanted to dog-nap him. This conviction wasn’t completely off the wall – more than a few people offered to take Bob off our hands.

Bob came from Save-A-Pet – a large no-kill shelter and adoption facility that doesn’t temperment-test or discriminate against particular breeds. If you live in the Chicago area, you may have seen Save-A-Pet adoption tents in parking lots through the years. We did – Betty and Poppy were at a mall one day many years ago to buy pants, and brought home Bob.

There are probably many similar stories about Save-A-Pet – we certainly hope so. The organization is now getting ready to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Visit the Save-A-Pet website to learn more, and just try and resist the charming faces ready for adoption.

Bob – also known as Bob D. and Booboo-Dog

Do you have an animal welfare organization close to your heart? Whether it’s in Pickles’ backyard or across the globe, share it with us and we’ll include it in an upcoming installment of Paw it Forward. Leave a comment or email us at


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  1. A much better purchase than a pair of pants! Regarding shelters, I promote all well run no-kill shelters here in South Africa but very close to our hearts is Kitty Shelter (Cat a Holics). Details are on my blog.


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