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Dear Diary,

It’s still hot. But that didn’t stop me from a busy afternoon. Betty and I went for a ride, and all of a sudden, there was Jill – pushing me out of my seat. I was a bit put out at first, but she lets me stand on her lap so it worked out. When we stopped, we went into a giant room filled with food, people, toys, and treats. Where to begin?!?!? Before leaving, a nice lady gave me some treats that were much larger than what I usually get, and she didn’t even make me high-five her.

We got back into the car – Betty driving, Jill and me sitting together – and then went into another, smaller room filled with my favorite things. I was so happy that I hugged and kissed the man giving out treats in this place. Then back into the car, everyone in the same positions.

One more place. This one had the best treats – meaty and crunchy. As we were leaving, I got to drink from a hose (all that driving around and eating makes a girl thirsty). So, even though I was pretty tired and just wanted to go home, this may have been my favorite room of the day.

We went to my other house, where I was too tired to play outside, so I laid down inside while Betty swapped out my collar. I played a bit with my new friend, Pepe (a skunk). Pepe squeaks on both ends. Finally, we said goodbye to Jill and went home, where I got into bed for a good, long nap. Later I played with my other new friend, Pete (a rabbit). Pete also squeaks on both ends. Marvelous!

Here I am, napping in my brand, new collar.


About pickleslp

My name is Pickles, and I'm a Great American Mutt. I like just about everything, including a good nap!

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  1. Arlene Greene

    What a life…Pickles, you are a lucky girl…

  2. Ms Information

    Ms P loves to shop, what girl doesn’t? She would like to go with Poppy when he comes home with MEAT. She would role over for a treat in those rooms.

  3. Woof woof Pickles! It looks like you have your own blanket for napping, too! Come read about my super nap with my favorite Fluffy -Bodhi

  4. You look like one shattered pup there Pickles! What a good day out. Plus meeting friends that squeak on both ends – love it.


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