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Friends of Pickles: Chelsea

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A while back, we shared the story of Chatham, the black lab that Joann was sure would be her Louis. That post got Joann feeling a bit nostalgic, and she sent in a very charming story about when Chelsea – her golden – was a puppy and would play with Lou at Pooch Park.

Louie will be forever in our hearts. Chatham may look a tad like Louie especially now with his premature gray, always be near me, protects and loves his furry sister but, as we all know, he’ll never be anything close to Louie. 

When we first met Louie, he would knock Chelsea down and nibble on her ears and neck. As she got up, shaking her wet ears about, I was convinced that she hated that part of pooch park. However, as time went on, I couldn’t help but notice, she would make sure to be in Louie’s path. One day, Louie’s attention moved to another, and there would be Chelsea egging him on, hoping to capture a reaction. She absolutely loved her friend. I found this picture of her when she was obviously very young. I’m sure she was dreaming of her wonderful day playing at pooch park with her friend Louie and friends.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my dogs. But, the moral of the story…..have Betty pick out your pups. She does an excellent job.

Betty does seem to have a knack for choosing dogs, but there’s another good lesson in Joann’s story, about letting dogs be dogs. They play differently than we do, and they also express themselves differently. Most dogs can roughhouse without being in danger or becoming aggressive (same with cats). So, unless your dog is either vulnerable or aggressive, let ’em go at it. In the end you’ll have a very tired, possibly slimed, pet – and that’s a good thing.

Thanks, Joann!


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  1. chelseaandchatham

    Awwww…thanks for posting a picture of my girl. Apparently she still has very tasty ears.
    Hugs and pats to Pickles!

  2. Ms Information

    Ms Pickles loved seeing Chelsea’s baby pic and reading about Lou. She knows that she has big paws to fil and fill them she does.

  3. Kelly Weissman

    What a sweet baby pic–who ever thought she would become the notorious Pooch Park “bag lady”? We miss you Joann, Chelsea and Chatham!

  4. Ohhh. Such a cute picture of Miss Chelsea. Sparky misses all of you. He is getting old and slow, but still my sweet boy. If I could figure out how to send a picture I would do it in a heartbeat. Guess I need to ask my highschoolers to help me. Love and kisses (and licks).


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