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No wonder she needs all those naps

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Someone at the Huffington Post must have trouble sleeping, because there’s a whole section devoted to the topic. And so that’s where we found this article on the 9 Things That Keep You Up at Night. Pets in the bed get a mention at #8, but there seems to be a general sense in the piece that the true secret to good sleep can be found in some magical pillow that an overwhelming majority of us don’t own.

One thing not listed as a problem is when someone in bed has the night barks.


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My name is Pickles, and I'm a Great American Mutt. I like just about everything, including a good nap!

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  1. What an adorable dog…… Nap time is the best, and I don’t know about you, but I love when my dogs snuggle up to me at night. I have trouble sleeping when they are not curled up next to me! I am a big dog lover and have two dogs of my own, Zeus and Lucky. They are so funny, loving, and snuggly! I love them with all of my heart and soul! I have started a blog for my Rottweiler Zeus called Saving Zeus. He has a rare genetic disorder and we are trying to raise funds for the medical tests and treatment that he desperately needs. Also on my blog, I have funny stories and really cute photos of both of my boys. If you would like to help us save Zeus or would just like a laugh after reading a funny story, visit my page. Since I am just getting started on my blog, there will be many more stories to come so check back every once in a while!

    • Thanks – we’ll be sure to visit, and we wish you all the best with Zeus (rotts are wonderful dogs).

      • Thanks for visiting and you are right, Rotts are wonderful dogs….. Mine is so gentle, loving and super funny! I wouldn’t trade him for the world, even with his expensive medical issues!

  2. I am new to the blog thing and I tried clicking on my blog name above my last comment and for some reason, my page does not come up. Just in case you want to visit. Here is my link:


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