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Big day coming

Pickles’ 2nd birthday is this Friday, so we’re visiting some of her favorite places this week in celebration. Ms. P loves people, food, toys, and treats, we’re dropping by the local pet supply stores she likes to frequent. After all, these are the places where we buy her food and the occasional toy while friendly people stuff her with treats.

Our first stop is the Happy Husky Bakery, where she’s known by name. Happy Husky is also the home of perhaps the best pedi-pedi deal in town, although Pickles doesn’t appreciate this as much as we do (as evidenced here).

Here she is at Happy Husky, waiting patiently in line.
pickles-happy husky bakery2-12-12

If you’re wondering what to get a dog for her birthday, the answer is nothing. But if you are so inclined, please consider making a donation in honor of her big day to Wright-Way Rescue. Pickles started out at there (as did her buddy Joey and his cat Lola). Wright-Way is a non-profit organization, and depends heavily on donations to maintain its mission.

About pickleslp

My name is Pickles, and I'm a Great American Mutt. I like just about everything, including a good nap!

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  1. Will there be a party?

  2. Happy Birthday Pickles. You make us happy!!

  3. chelseaandchatham

    Happy Birthday Pickles! May your day be filled with lots of treats and toys. Chatham is also from Wright Way so does that make you cousins? 😉

  4. Two years old ALREADY? You don’t look a day over a year and a half! Best wishes for your best birthday yet! Love, Pogo and Bandit (and that silly woman who feeds us)

  5. Happy Husky sounds wonderful. We don’t really have any places like that here in South Africa. Happy birthday for Friday. Will be looking out for some great Birthday photos. What a lovely idea, to donate rather than buy a present. Fantastic

  6. Pickles has the best forever family a dog could ever want! Happy Birthday to all of you. And, where is Happy Husky?


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