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Well, supervising is more like it. We were going through some photos from early winter, and found this one. As usual, Pickles is the only dog in the whole of Pooch Park to show an interest in infrastructure.

(By the way, thanks to all who work to keep this park and others around town in good shape.)

We realize that this photo is pretty trivial in light of yesterday’s events in Boston, but sometimes it’s nice to have a simple moment of distraction. That being said, if you’d like to help but aren’t in the Boston area, please consider donating blood. The American Red Cross has reported that there are adequate supplies to cover current needs, but that’s entirely due to the stock that had already been amassed. Don’t let this lifesaving resource dwindle, especially before summer. You can read a statement issued earlier today by the Red Cross on how best to help and where to donate blood here.


About pickleslp

My name is Pickles, and I'm a Great American Mutt. I like just about everything, including a good nap!

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  1. Kelly Weissman

    Are there other recommendations for how to help other than donating blood ? I am not allowed to donate any more but would like to do something.


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