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Need comfort? Pet a dog

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We read this morning that a team a therapy dogs are headed for Boston. This particular squad has been very busy lately, spending time with bereaved families in Newtown, CT, as well as comforting New Jersey residents affected by Hurricane Sandy. Known as the K-9 Comfort Dogs, they’re part of a special ministry of Lutheran Church Charities.

We know – as you certainly do – how soothing it can be to cuddle with a dog. They always seem to understand when a quiet moment is called for. Pickles is always there for us, often even pinning us down when she decides it’s time to rest.

Well, maybe that’s more about her.



About pickleslp

My name is Pickles, and I'm a Great American Mutt. I like just about everything, including a good nap!

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  1. Kelly Weissman

    Miss Pickles seems to be destined to give everyone what they need—a cuddle, a kiss, a roll in the mud…

  2. chelseaandchatham

    No words spoken yet they always seem to know what we need.


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