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What’s the story behind your pet’s name? Tell us in the comments!


About pickleslp

My name is Pickles, and I'm a Great American Mutt. I like just about everything, including a good nap!

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  1. Our Joey is named after the late great Joey Ramone. Gabba Gabba Woof!

  2. Arlene Greene

    The “Rose” in Rosie is in honor of Eleanor Roosevelt, Rose Kennedy, Rosa Parks, and Gypsy Rose Lee…

  3. We adopted Bailey from Anti-Cruelty. His original family was moving to Greece, or so they said. His name was something like Bobe. He didn’t respond to that so we renamed him Bailey and Bailey he is.

  4. Wally was found in the parkinglot of a large dep[artment store chain called Wal-Mart. We always called Wal-Mart “Wally World.” So, when I found the three pound, long legged pup standing in the parkinglot all alone, I picked him up, placed him on my lap in the car and instantly named him “Wally.” If I find another dog there, he will be Marty. Then I will have a Wally-Marty!

  5. I wonder what Pickles did to get those beads . . . 🙂

  6. Names – this will be fun. Mouse Girl, my purr sister, was already named when mom/dad adopted her from the shelter. The name fit perfect and we knew she was meant to be. (A) Mom loves Mickey Mouse and her name had Mouse in it; (B) her birthday was the anniversary of mom’s fathers passing which was special to her; and (C) Mouse Girl picked mom/dad and was determined to come home with them.
    Hemingway, Hemi for short, my purr brother is named after the Hemingway cats in Key West because of his extra digits. PS He also runs around like he has a hemi in him – snort.
    And well me, Bacon, that’s kind of obvious, right? snort – oink. XOXO – Bacon

  7. Kelly Weissman

    Pogo got his name from his mother (me) reading a sign backwards. And also from the comic strip. And his habit of “pogoing”, which was how he used to hop on his back legs like he was on a pogo stick! Bandit got his name from his registered name—Don’s Take The Money And Run (a Woody Allen movie) and from his habit of stealing everything not bolted down!

  8. Addison (Addie) and Grace (Gracie), streets by Wrigley Field.

  9. Cosmo got his name because Bob loved Seinfield and his Favorite person was Cosmo Kramer

  10. Asti was named after the champagne, and she’s just as bubbly and fun!


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