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Pickles’ Diary: A tragedy

Dear Diary,

I love, I entertain, I endure. What more could anyone want from me? But whatever I give, it’s never enough. Because if my family appreciated all that I do for them, what occurred today never would have come to pass.

I admit I should have known something was coming, because Poppy was up early moving his and Betty’s toys outside. Then he disappeared, possibly forever.

A little later, Betty went outside without me, and spent the entire day sitting with the toys and talking to people, right where I could see her from the window. This went on, well, forever. Sometimes, to make matters worse, she would pet another dog. Did they not hear me barking at the dog to keep moving? Did she not see me in the window, my eyes pleading for mercy? No, Betty was too busy sharing her toys with all of these people and other dogs.

After eons of this torture, Poppy returned and one of them finally came inside, albeit briefly, to open the back door. Freedom! Or so I thought, but they all still remained in the other part of outside, laughing and talking and playing with whatever toys they still had.

What a nightmare.


About pickleslp

My name is Pickles, and I'm a Great American Mutt. I like just about everything, including a good nap!

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  1. Well, I hope Betty and Poppy see your posting, maybe it will wake them up to how they’re treating you. How could they be this abusive to you???? Shame on them…

  2. In defense of the ALL-AMERICAN-YARD-SALE;As it was explained to Piks we had the yard sale so that we can continue to buy her kibble and unstuffed toys, her favorite, and take her for her pedi-pedi, not her favorite. She did, however, look pretty pitiful watching in the window while JILL was petting other dogs.

  3. One more thing, it was only 4 hours, which I guess in dog hours is eons…………………oh never mind, she was fine.

  4. Oh no! Yet, I have had days like that my friend. Do what I do. Ignore the humans when they come back into the house. No matter how much you want loving – don’t give it to them. Let them know that your feelings are highly hurt. They will catch on and give you extra snuggles in the end. Just be strong. XOXO – Bacon

  5. Oh Miss Pickles! Bandit and I share in your pain. Their so-called mother left the house at 6 am and didn’t return until midnight ! She even had her boy Glenn feed us dinner! Mom said that she had to work late. What is work? we dont understand this word. And now this morning, we can’t go to the park because we have to wait for this person called a plumber. Bandit has made plans to make everyone crazy this morning. But I am a good boy so I shall suffer nobly and in silence. Love and humps, Pogo

  6. chelseaandchatham

    Hard to type when you are laughing. Not at you Ms. Pickles. Just you have such an adorable expressive face. But, back to the manner on hand, oh how could they do this to you? They better be showering you with lots of attention and fun treats for treating you like this. And, right in front of your nose!! The nerve!! xoxo

  7. Makes you want to howl doesn’t it Pickles?
    Humans are an odd breed but we need to persevere and work hard with them.
    Don’t give up. Love, NER


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