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Check out Elsie! Would your pet be cool on a boat? Wearing a life jacket?

Not Pickles.


Oh, Poppy

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It’s not enough that you leave Pickles to visit Elsie?

How could you?


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This is Pickles’ friend, Lola. We don’t think we’ve ever met someone – human, canine or otherwise – so super-cool.

Have you?

A secret

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Shhh… don’t tell. You are being told this in complete confidence.

Betty went away for the weekend. As you might imagine, Pickles was only thrilled to welcome her home. We wonder how P would feel if she knew Betty’s little getaway was with one fun-loving brunette named Daisy.

How could she?


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Presenting the newest flavor: Pickles!

(Note that Addie and Gracie seem to have finally accepted Piks into the clique. That’s right – she finally wore them down.)

Puppy Legs

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Just look at them, all short and pudgy. And that cushy puppy head!

This is Molly, new sister to our friend Chatham. Go ahead and try not to love her.


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He just lucked into a great family with Piks’ good friends, Judy and George.

Get a load of those ears!

New ‘do

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Bandit, your faux-hawk is just perfect.

Gentleman Caller

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Long walks and trips to the park are out this week, so Hugo came by for a play date.

Our first impulse was to remark about what a dignified, gentlemanly figure he cuts in this photo, but then we remembered that he’s a dog on the furniture.

We don’t really object. It’s not like Pickles is a genteel lady.
He is mighty cute, nonetheless.


Welcome to Spa Lola, where dogs receive the most luxurious treatments.

Joey here is enjoying the trés chien package.

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