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New ‘do

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Bandit, your faux-hawk is just perfect.

Gentleman Caller

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Long walks and trips to the park are out this week, so Hugo came by for a play date.

Our first impulse was to remark about what a dignified, gentlemanly figure he cuts in this photo, but then we remembered that he’s a dog on the furniture.

We don’t really object. It’s not like Pickles is a genteel lady.
He is mighty cute, nonetheless.


Welcome to Spa Lola, where dogs receive the most luxurious treatments.

Joey here is enjoying the trés chien package.

Night on the town

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Hanging with Cosmo at the park, on what we’re hoping is not the last nice evening of the year.

Anyone know how to get a better picture at night with the iPhone?

Aww or Eew?

So happy to see Whoooch she has to, uh, lick his teeth?pickles-whoooch9-24-13

Bella Notte

Pickles and Cosmo sharing a drink at Pooch Park. This is as close to a Lady and the Tramp moment as real dogs get.

Friends of Pickles: Sparky

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He’s such a perfect fit for that chair, we’re wondering if anyone else has had a chance to sit there in his 12 years.

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