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Monday morning wake-up: It never ends

The first time we posted a Pickles vs. Betty video, we called it “The Eternal Struggle.” We weren’t exaggerating.

Monday morning wake-up: Huskycam

We love Pickles, but who could resist a live video feed of 4-week old Siberian Husky puppies? The 24/7 huskycam is sponsored by The Pet Collective,which will donate 25 cents to New Leash on Life for each new subscriber to its collection of pet videos. New Leash on Life is a dog rescue/adoption center in southern California that also trains therapy dogs. Did we mention it’s a ranch? It may as well be called dog heaven on earth.

Anyway, here are the huskies:

Monday morning wake-up: Uhhhh…

What exactly is going on here? Is she having pants hemmed? Playing “don’t touch the floor?”

You’re a clever bunch – send us your best captions for this photo!

Monday morning wake-up: Shop, shop, shop

The only item on our list was dog food, but that didn’t stop someone from sniffing every display.

Monday morning wake-up: More than just the stink-eye

Dear Diary,

This morning, while guarding the perimeter of the backyard at my other house, I had a wonderful opportunity to roll in something marvelous. When I went back into the house to show off my coup, things could not have gone worse. Instead of hugs, I got leashed. Instead of praise like, “You smell like a champion alpha,” I got sent to the car. Now, you would think, Diary, that the ride home would be fun – it always is, after all. But, no, Betty wouldn’t let me lean on her shoulder, or even sit next to her!

Anyway, the day that began with such promise quickly went from bad to worse. It’s far too painful to tell you how things ended (the word starts with a B), but here I am, with my best tough and intimidating face, trying to convince Betty into letting me avoid my terrible fate.

Monday morning wake-up: Outside in

Pickles has two, very effective methods of getting attention:

  1. Taking inside objects (towels, socks, dollar bills) outside;
  2. Bringing outside things indoors (thanks goodness it’s just sticks and leaves).


Monday morning wake-up: Water dance

The Park District came to empty the water lines on the sprinkler system at Pooch Park before the weather hits freezing temps. We’re not sure why the other dogs weren’t as excited as Pickles (giant water spouts!), but she had to check out each and every one. Betty caught a few seconds on video.

Best. Day. Ever.

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