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The big 4

Yesterday was Pickles’ fourth birthday! Sometimes we forget that it was only a few years ago that she and Betty met at Wright-Way Rescue.

Here’s a puppy picture, in celebration:
pickles 2011she


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He just lucked into a great family with Piks’ good friends, Judy and George.

Get a load of those ears!

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

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Summer means concerts in the park and making friends.

For all you locals, tomorrow is the annual start-of-summer dog wash fundraiser for C.A.R.E. $10 gives your dog a fresh start for summer (don’t worry – they always have another dog wash at the end of summer), add another $10 for a pedi-pedi. The staff and volunteers do a great job, and if you play your cards right, your dog will go home never realizing you had anything to do with it.

Paw it forward: Time to help

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This week’s tornado in the Oklahoma City area was powerfully destructive. This article lays out a number of aid organizations delivering food, shelter, medical care, and other needed resources to affected folks. A couple of animal-related charities are on the list, hoping to find homes to foster horses as well as house pets while waiting to be reunited with their families.

Please pitch in, if you can, and spread the word. There’s a lot of work to do.

A place to call home – this is the goal.

Happy Pickleversary

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Pickles’ birthday is February 15, but it was two years ago on this day that she took over our household. Here are just a few memories from her first summer:

She was very small. Upon hearing that Betty wanted a big dog, the shelter staff swore she’d be at least 70 pounds. She’s not even 55 wet.

She was 98% house-trained when she arrived. We were very impressed and pleased at the prospect of such a trainable dog.

She woke up every morning at 5:30 to murder her squeaky toys. We quickly learned to welcome that sound in the wee hours; it meant we knew where she was and what she was up to.

People would always ask about her breed (she’s the ultimate mutt –  a little bit of everything). We once told someone that she was a whackadoodle. The nice lady exclaimed, “Ooh, I love those!”

Here she is in her crate at Wright-Way Rescue, waiting for Betty to show up. Don’t feel too bad – it was a friendly place.

Next stop

Pickles’ birthday week tour continues at Follow Your Nose, where they had to mop up the river of drool she left behind while staring longingly at the display case.

Follow Your Nose is also where you’ll find Jim – dog walker extraordinaire and one of Piks’ favorite people (that her BFF list is a long one shouldn’t diminish the honor).
pickles-follow your nose2-13-13

If you’re in the giving mood, please consider making a donation in celebration of Pickles’ 2nd birthday to Wright-Way Rescue, where she was born. Pickles is the first dog in our family that never spent time on the street, and we thank Wright-Way for that.

Big day coming

Pickles’ 2nd birthday is this Friday, so we’re visiting some of her favorite places this week in celebration. Ms. P loves people, food, toys, and treats, we’re dropping by the local pet supply stores she likes to frequent. After all, these are the places where we buy her food and the occasional toy while friendly people stuff her with treats.

Our first stop is the Happy Husky Bakery, where she’s known by name. Happy Husky is also the home of perhaps the best pedi-pedi deal in town, although Pickles doesn’t appreciate this as much as we do (as evidenced here).

Here she is at Happy Husky, waiting patiently in line.
pickles-happy husky bakery2-12-12

If you’re wondering what to get a dog for her birthday, the answer is nothing. But if you are so inclined, please consider making a donation in honor of her big day to Wright-Way Rescue. Pickles started out at there (as did her buddy Joey and his cat Lola). Wright-Way is a non-profit organization, and depends heavily on donations to maintain its mission.

Friends of Pickles: Foster

Pickles met her newest BFF this week (there’s really no middle ground for her). Foster is a 10-month old lab- beagle mix. His family got him from Heartland Animal Shelter (click at your own risk – the HAS website is filled with hard-to-resist faces).

Welcome to town, Foster!

Paw it forward: ‘Tis the season

Our friends at Wright Way Rescue have revamped their website, and now have an online calendar of events. The December schedule has a number of helpful programs (vaccination clinics) and fun ones (pictures with Santa).

We may need one of those pictures with Santa. Although Pickles is naturally photogenic and never needs the slightest bit of makeup, she’s getting a little beauty rest in preparation.


Monday morning wake-up: Huskycam

We love Pickles, but who could resist a live video feed of 4-week old Siberian Husky puppies? The 24/7 huskycam is sponsored by The Pet Collective,which will donate 25 cents to New Leash on Life for each new subscriber to its collection of pet videos. New Leash on Life is a dog rescue/adoption center in southern California that also trains therapy dogs. Did we mention it’s a ranch? It may as well be called dog heaven on earth.

Anyway, here are the huskies:

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