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Puppy Legs

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Just look at them, all short and pudgy. And that cushy puppy head!

This is Molly, new sister to our friend Chatham. Go ahead and try not to love her.


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He just lucked into a great family with Piks’ good friends, Judy and George.

Get a load of those ears!

Lazy birthday

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Our friends Pogo and Bandit recently spent their close-enough-together birthdays hanging out. Pogo (on the left) is looking very dignified at 10 years old (a characteristic that has definitely emerged with age), while one-year-old Bandit is still in full-blown goofball phase.

Happy birthday, fellas, and kudos to Kelly for another year of keeping those coats clean and tangle-free!


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We can’t get enough of Maia lately…

So what’s going on here? Is Maia anointing Pickles? Was Piks getting fresh? Failed high five?

You decide.

Friends of Pickles: Happy Maia

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You’ve already met Maia in photos (well, sort of). Now see the Maia movie!

Pooch Park etiquette

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Always make sure you bring enough treats to share.

Friends of Pickles: Jack

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We love Jack! But like most Jack Russell Terriers, he needs to be busy. All. The. Time.

Good thing we find his antics as entertaining as he does.

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