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Welcome to Spa Lola, where dogs receive the most luxurious treatments.

Joey here is enjoying the trés chien package.

Lazy birthday

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Our friends Pogo and Bandit recently spent their close-enough-together birthdays hanging out. Pogo (on the left) is looking very dignified at 10 years old (a characteristic that has definitely emerged with age), while one-year-old Bandit is still in full-blown goofball phase.

Happy birthday, fellas, and kudos to Kelly for another year of keeping those coats clean and tangle-free!

Monday morning wake-up: The mani-pedi

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We’re not going to say too much here – the look on Pickles’ face tells the whole story.

Thanks to Todd and the gang at the Happy Husky Bakery for letting us show that the staff is not applying torture techniques in the back room. Your dog is lying to you.

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