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As always

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There’s a story here.

Betty was in the house one lovely afternoon when Pickles walked in whimpering.

Why are you crying?

You’ve had lunch.
You went for a walk.
The back door is open, so you can go outside anytime you like.

But Piks kept whining, so Betty got up and followed her outside. Where she found this:
Maybe next time Piks wants to play, Betty will be more cooperative.

2 vs. 1

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Betty thinks it’s time to make the bed. Pickles and┬áthe┬ábunny disagree.

A dog and her lobster

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Makes sense to us.

Group portrait

Yep, the gang’s all here.

About those toys - it's a good thing they're cheap

About those toys – it’s a good thing they’re cheap

But how?

How exactly did Jessica Rabbit get outside? Where was she going? At what point did Pickles discover her attempted escape?

We’ll never really know, for sure.

Olivette the Ocelot

But we like to call her Olivette the Ocelette.

If you’re wondering about all these new friends lately, it’s because they were on sale.

And maybe Betty has a tiny problem.

Another new friend

There was a big sale. Betty stocked up.

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