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New friend

It doesn’t matter how old you get – new toys are always exciting.

Meet Pinky the Flamingo.

She said, she said

How it all went down, according to Pickles:

Jessica Rabbit escaped! Thank goodness she didn’t get far before I was able to retrieve her and bring her back into the house, right at Betty’s feet. Everyone was very relieved.

When’s lunch?

Now for Betty’s take:

When Pickles doesn’t think she’s receiving enough attention, she tries to entice us by running into the backyard with inside toys, expecting a lively chase. But today, there was no choice. Piks got tired of waiting, so she brought Jessica back inside on her own.

Can you really be a hero if you were also the bunny-napper?

All dressed up

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Doesn’t Piks look fetching in her squeaky bunny stole?

A gift? For me?

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You shouldn’t have.

But I have nothing for you.

So many squeaky spots! She looks just like the bunnies outside. Except I can catch this one.

I think I’ll name her Jessica.


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Outside with another inside friend.

Maybe we should consider this a sign that we’ll have a┬álong spring.

March of the penguin

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Playing outside with a friend.

An inside friend.

We have to talk

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This is serious. I know it’s tough to discuss matters of importance, but it has to be done. So I’ll just come out and say it.

My kong is empty.

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