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One eye open

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Well, barely.

But if Piks wanted to keep an eye on the yard while napping on the bed, she totally could.

Smacks of effort

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She wants to hop up for a nap, but it’s just so much work.

2 vs. 1

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Betty thinks it’s time to make the bed. Pickles and the bunny disagree.

Now behind the ears

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Didn’t we just have to deal with Betty on this issue?

Fine, Poppy, you can stay on the chaise. Just this one time.


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Betty’s sitting on Pickles’ chaise again. It really wasn’t built for two. Maybe tomorrow she’ll finally give up the fight and sit in the other chaise.

We’re still talking about Betty.

Decked out

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Betty finally cleaned up the deck – furniture included – so Pickles can relax in her chair.

I see you

What are you doing? Is it time to eat?

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