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There can be only one

Many years ago, Betty bought a chair. She liked this chair; it was comfortable, came with an ottoman to put her feet up and looked nice by her living room window. Sitting in her chair to read a good book was especially a pleasure.

Since then, the ottoman has been claimed – and renamed “pickleman” – for napping in the sun and monitoring the front yard for other dogs with the audacity to walk by. And now, Pickles wants the chair.

Even though Betty happens to be sitting in it.


There is a universal truth – that there is a particular order to things. When that order is broken – violated, even – one must quickly decide how to react.

One can embrace the change.

Or, one can plow through and restore the order to its original state.

Poppy is sitting in Pickles’ daytime chair, thereby forcing her to make a decision.

Order will be restored.

Couch wars

Poppy had to go out for a while. He’d barely shut the door behind him before Piks nabbed his spot on the sofa.

What happens when he returns is their problem to solve.


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Even though it was only a month ago that Piks was wearing T-shirts, she prefers to think of it as way back when.

By the way, that’s not a parquet floor she’s relaxing on. It’s a coffee table.

Gentleman Caller

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Long walks and trips to the park are out this week, so Hugo came by for a play date.

Our first impulse was to remark about what a dignified, gentlemanly figure he cuts in this photo, but then we remembered that he’s a dog on the furniture.

We don’t really object. It’s not like┬áPickles is a genteel lady.
He is mighty cute, nonetheless.

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