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Pen pal

Betty made a friend during her recent travels.

Pickles isn’t at all jealous. She knows the long-distance friendship will go nowhere. The panda won’t write back.
panda 2-25-14

Thank you, Hugo

One hour playing with Hugo, then two hours of this:


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We can’t get enough of Maia lately…

So what’s going on here? Is Maia anointing Pickles? Was Piks getting fresh? Failed high five?

You decide.

Friends of Pickles: Orli

Orli was found as a stray before he was even fully weaned. But that was last year already; all he knows now is that sleeping on the floor is as much his choice as being tucked in.

Thanks (and happy birthday!) to Terri for sharing these photos.

Friends of Pickles: Ozzie

Anita and Eddie got Ozzie from Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue around the same time we got Louis. Oz was Superdog – tall, dark and handsome, with the ability to leap over tall fences with a single bound. He was also smart and irresistibly sweet.

Ozzie’s front leg was amputated after years of complications resulting from a car accident. But he’s still got all his Superdog qualities, minus the leaping.

Monday morning wake-up: Furball of need

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Pickles is a friendly and confident dog, and pretty popular, too. But Addie and Grace aren’t buying it. Which only just makes her that much more desperate for their affection, attention, acceptance, approval, and any other fitting “a” words. To these girls, she’ll always be the pesky three month old puppy they could barely tolerate¬†couldn’t tolerate at all.

We finally captured her desperation on video (you can ignore the humans talking through it). Pickles is as determined as ever to wear them down (and she actually has, somewhat). Addie and Grace try to take the high road – ignore her and she’ll give up.

They are wrong. If it takes the rest of her life, Pickles will win their love.

A day in the life, Part 4: Pickles & Bella

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In punishment/reward for her shenanigans (see the past three posts if you haven’t been following this week), Pickles was banished to the muck and mud of Pooch Park. Thank goodness one of her BFFs, Bella, was there!

We’ve been trying to get their play on film, but it’s near impossible to keep up with these girls. And forget about getting a picture of Pickles’ other bestie, Cosmo – he’s so fast, he’s just a blur!

Tomorrow: goodnight, sweet Pickles.

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