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She said, she said

How it all went down, according to Pickles:

Jessica Rabbit escaped! Thank goodness she didn’t get far before I was able to retrieve her and bring her back into the house, right at Betty’s feet. Everyone was very relieved.

When’s lunch?

Now for Betty’s take:

When Pickles doesn’t think she’s receiving enough attention, she tries to entice us by running into the backyard with inside toys, expecting a lively chase. But today, there was no choice. Piks got tired of waiting, so she brought Jessica back inside on her own.

Can you really be a hero if you were also the bunny-napper?

Those summer nights

Ah, the memories: deck parties, house guests, skunks, and rogue squirrels.

Good times.

Working the long con

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A couple of weeks ago, there was a big, late-night thunderstorm. Like a lot of dogs, Ms. P does not enjoy the noise, so she convinced Poppy to wake up and join/protect her in a quieter room for the night. Being a good Poppy, of course he did this.

Which takes us to the nighttime storm of this week. Piks woke up Poppy, who dutifully moved to the other room for her.

Piks jumped up into bed and took Poppy’s spot – pillow and all.

What’s she plotting next?

Pickles’ Diary: Be forewarned

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Dear Diary,

This week, I was reminded what hard work it is being the hostess with the most-ess. Greeting guests, monitoring the food at all stages, running up and down the hall with good friends – it’s all wonderful, but just exhausting.

Of course, I always recover eventually. After a two-day nap, I finally woke up.

With a vengeance.


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Outside with another inside friend.

Maybe we should consider this a sign that we’ll have a┬álong spring.

March of the penguin

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Playing outside with a friend.

An inside friend.

Just checking

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A dog peeking around the corner to make sure she knows where everyone is before she runs back off?

No good can come of this.

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