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Dark and stormy

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Actually it was just drizzling. And only a little bit overcast. But to get even slightly wet would be terrible.

Just terrible.


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In case you forgot, I take my dinner at 5:00 pm. No need to rush.

But you really should get started.


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Simon, our favorite canine research scientist, visited recently to conduct an experiment on dog memory.

What was the experiment? We don’t recall.

The results? Positive … maybe.

What about Piks? She’s not talking.

The latest research

Pickles’ very good friend (and future world-famous cano-neuroscientist) Simon is working on another hypothesis: do dogs have favorite colors? Of course, Piks was honored to participate in the study.

Simon set out four baskets, each a different color, and placed a treat in each one. Piks, being as smart as she believes herself to be, knew exactly what to do from there.

She favored the green basket (although she was graciously willing to eat all the treats). According to Simon, the dogs he studied chose green and pink most often.

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