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New friend

It doesn’t matter how old you get – new toys are always exciting.

Meet Pinky the Flamingo.

All dressed up

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Doesn’t Piks look fetching in her squeaky bunny stole?

A gift? For me?

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You shouldn’t have.

But I have nothing for you.

So many squeaky spots! She looks just like the bunnies outside. Except I can catch this one.

I think I’ll name her Jessica.


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Outside with another inside friend.

Maybe we should consider this a sign that we’ll have a┬álong spring.

March of the penguin

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Playing outside with a friend.

An inside friend.

We have to talk

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This is serious. I know it’s tough to discuss matters of importance, but it has to be done. So I’ll just come out and say it.

My kong is empty.

Sleeping with the enemy

After a day of murdering her toys over and over again, everyone needed a good nap.

We think the toys have developed Stockholm Syndrome.

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