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Dry ground, a light breeze, good friends to play with – it was the perfect night at Pooch Park.

By the end of the evening, everyone was smiling and ready for bedtime.


Another reason to hate winter.
We’ve already submitted this to Dogshaming, so this little habit may come back to haunt her far off in the future.

Night on the town

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Hanging with Cosmo at the park, on what we’re hoping is not the last nice evening of the year.

Anyone know how to get a better picture at night with the iPhone?

Aww or Eew?

So happy to see Whoooch she has to, uh, lick his teeth?pickles-whoooch9-24-13

Bella Notte

Pickles and Cosmo sharing a drink at Pooch Park. This is as close to a Lady and the Tramp moment as real dogs get.


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We’ve said it before: Pickles is most definitely a Cosmo girl.


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We can’t get enough of Maia lately…

So what’s going on here? Is Maia anointing Pickles? Was Piks getting fresh? Failed high five?

You decide.

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