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The big 4

Yesterday was Pickles’ fourth birthday! Sometimes we forget that it was only a few years ago that she and Betty met at Wright-Way Rescue.

Here’s a puppy picture, in celebration:
pickles 2011she

This can’t be right

We read the list of the most popular puppy names, and Pickles was nowhere to be found. What do they know, anyway?

Piks just can’t even.


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Check out Elsie! Would your pet be cool on a boat? Wearing a life jacket?

Not Pickles.


Oh, Poppy

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It’s not enough that you leave Pickles to visit Elsie?

How could you?

We know

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But this is what every day looks like right now, so prepare yourself for the sleeping-on-the-deck series.

Don’t worry, it can’t last. Eventually it will rain, or be too hot to be a dog, or she’ll just get bored and start wreaking havoc again.

Puppy Legs

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Just look at them, all short and pudgy. And that cushy puppy head!

This is Molly, new sister to our friend Chatham. Go ahead and try not to love her.


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He just lucked into a great family with Piks’ good friends, Judy and George.

Get a load of those ears!

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