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2 vs. 1

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Betty thinks it’s time to make the bed. Pickles and the bunny disagree.

A dog and her lobster

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Makes sense to us.

We know

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This isn’t the first time we’ve caught her in this pose, but it still cracks us up.

First sign of spring

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Sunbathing on the deck.

The caregiver

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Betty had a little procedure, and is recovering nicely.

Mostly due to Piks’ efforts to keep her from moving.

There can be only one

Many years ago, Betty bought a chair. She liked this chair; it was comfortable, came with an ottoman to put her feet up and looked nice by her living room window. Sitting in her chair to read a good book was especially a pleasure.

Since then, the ottoman has been claimed – and renamed “pickleman” – for napping in the sun and monitoring the front yard for other dogs with the audacity to walk by. And now, Pickles wants the chair.

Even though Betty happens to be sitting in it.


7:00 am: Drag tail out of bed. Check the weather. Head to kitchen for breakfast.

7:07 am: Maybe go outside in the back or for a walk. Run around the house a few times. Follow Betty from room to room. Eventually settle in for a nap.

12:30 pm: Go downstairs and let Poppy know it’s time for lunch. He says it’s too early, to come back at 1:00 pm.

1:00 pm: Find Poppy. Now he’s snoring. Climb up, nose to nose, and concentrate hard. LUNCHTIME!

1:30 pm: Sitting down to lunch. And that’s how things get done.

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