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At rest

Any day now, the snow will melt and it will be warm enough for a certain weather princess to play outside.

Until then, we nap.

After the snow, Part II

5 minutes later…

I can’t take this freezing snow anymore. Why did you make me go outside?

After the snow, Part I


So much to do and see. Hey, what’s over there?

The trail

Another day indoors. Pickles is so desperate to blow off steam, she’s resorted to puppy-level activities, like unraveling toilet paper. Note also the floor, littered with her victims.

It’s still early in a day that holds the promise of disappointed stares, counter surfing and small rug thefts.pickles1-27-14

Winter blahs

She is so over winter.


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Piks finally agreed to play in the snow for a few minutes, with the condition that Betty go outside, too.

This was over the weekend. Today, we don’t blame her for staying inside.

That’s all I wanted

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Thank you, Poppy, for shoveling the deck.

Now I can play in the snow for exactly three minutes.

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