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One eye open

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Well, barely.

But if Piks wanted to keep an eye on the yard while napping on the bed, she totally could.

As always

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There’s a story here.

Betty was in the house one lovely afternoon when Pickles walked in whimpering.

Why are you crying?

You’ve had lunch.
You went for a walk.
The back door is open, so you can go outside anytime you like.

But Piks kept whining, so Betty got up and followed her outside. Where she found this:
Maybe next time Piks wants to play, Betty will be more cooperative.

Now behind the ears

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Didn’t we just have to deal with Betty on this issue?

Fine, Poppy, you can stay on the chaise. Just this one time.


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Betty’s sitting on Pickles’ chaise again. It really wasn’t built for two. Maybe tomorrow she’ll finally give up the fight and sit in the other chaise.

We’re still talking about Betty.

Dark and stormy

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Actually it was just drizzling. And only a little bit overcast. But to get even slightly wet would be terrible.

Just terrible.

Decked out

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Betty finally cleaned up the deck – furniture included – so Pickles can relax in her chair.

Vantage point

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Queen of all she surveys.

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