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She’s a pack animal through and through.


It’s hard to feel special when we know¬†that she’ll sleep on anyone’s legs – even the creepy doll’s.

Group portrait

Yep, the gang’s all here.

About those toys - it's a good thing they're cheap

About those toys – it’s a good thing they’re cheap

But how?

How exactly did Jessica Rabbit get outside? Where was she going? At what point did Pickles discover her attempted escape?

We’ll never really know, for sure.

Olivette the Ocelot

But we like to call her Olivette the Ocelette.

If you’re wondering about all these new friends lately, it’s because they were on sale.

And maybe Betty has a tiny problem.

Another new friend

There was a big sale. Betty stocked up.

New friend

It doesn’t matter how old you get – new toys are always exciting.

Meet Pinky the Flamingo.

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