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She said, she said

How it all went down, according to Pickles:

Jessica Rabbit escaped! Thank goodness she didn’t get far before I was able to retrieve her and bring her back into the house, right at Betty’s feet. Everyone was very relieved.

When’s lunch?

Now for Betty’s take:

When Pickles doesn’t think she’s receiving enough attention, she tries to entice us by running into the backyard with inside toys, expecting a lively chase. But today, there was no choice. Piks got tired of waiting, so she brought Jessica back inside on her own.

Can you really be a hero if you were also the bunny-napper?

A gift? For me?

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You shouldn’t have.

But I have nothing for you.

So many squeaky spots! She looks just like the bunnies outside. Except I can catch this one.

I think I’ll name her Jessica.

We have to talk

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This is serious. I know it’s tough to discuss matters of importance, but it has to be done. So I’ll just come out and say it.

My kong is empty.

Creepy doll

What’s she trying to prove? That any old lap will do? She doesn’t really need us?

Just wait til the next mealtime. We’ll see who loves who then.

Autumn Leaves

Colors like this are too beautiful to experience alone.

Which we guess is why she tossed One-Eared Pete on top of the pile of leaves.

We’ll go over this one more time

That’s an inside toy.

Rotten egg

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Looks like Betty was the last one to bed. Even the toys beat her to it.

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