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Like clockwork

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This happens every 10 minutes. Happy new year to all of us!

Still cold out

This goes on all day long.

It’s going to be quite a winter.

She must be part cat

At least when Pickles writes in her diary, she doesn’t refer to us as “the Authorities.”

Thanks to Judy for sharing this with us, and to zefrank for creating it.

Paw it forward: Rainbow Dogs

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Our friends Paula and Fido are in a promotional video for Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy. In addition to therapy and crisis dogs, Rainbow AAT sends dogs to libraries where children are invited to read to them. This makes perfect sense to us, since dogs are the best listeners, and they never judge (well, most dogs – we know one with way too many opinions).

Anyway, here’s the video (that’s Paula and Fido in the still shot before the video begins!), and check out Rainbow AAT’s website for more info.

Why won’t they love me?

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Dear Diary,

I love Gracie and Addie. I really do. They’re so super-cool. I want them to think I’m cool, too. I’m not a puppy anymore – why can’t the girls see how grown up I am?

I’m going to keep trying.

Friends of Pickles: Happy Maia

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You’ve already met Maia in photos (well, sort of). Now see the Maia movie!

Friends of Pickles: Jack

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We love Jack! But like most Jack Russell Terriers, he needs to be busy. All. The. Time.

Good thing we find his antics as entertaining as he does.

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