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Second sign of spring

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Gathering firewood.

It’s never too early to prepare for next winter.

At rest

Any day now, the snow will melt and it will be warm enough for a certain weather princess to play outside.

Until then, we nap.

After the snow, Part II

5 minutes later…

I can’t take this freezing snow anymore. Why did you make me go outside?

After the snow, Part I


So much to do and see. Hey, what’s over there?

A matter of taste

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You were so excited to watch your show¬†– finally, a new episode! You missed it the first time around, but that’s what DVR is for.

A few days later, you settle in for a viewing. But not everyone is equally impressed.

It’s not like it’s Judge Judy.

One of those days

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Happy new year, everyone! Pickles was just about recovered from the all the holidays when the weather turned cold.

Having been down this icy road before, Piks knows there’s nothing she can do about it. She’s waiting it out with a lot of napping.


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She’s waiting. Waiting for the weather to warm up and the door to open.

And she’s not moving until both events happen.

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