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Meet Pickles

Me on my 1st birthday

My name is Pickles, and I’m a two year old Great American Mutt. I like a good nap after a long walk, playing with my friends or engaging my family in a battle of wills.

I also love to share pictures of my friends and spread the word about good organizations that take care of animals. If you have a picture of your napping pet or an animal welfare organization that’s close to your heart, let me know!

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  1. im loving your space pickles! youre gorgeous btw! go great-american mutts! xo

    • Thanks, Janah. I am quite gorgeous. Incidentally, I was born in a no-kill shelter (my birth mom was rescued from a state that has mostly kill shelters) and all the dogs who came before me in my family were either strays, pound pups or rescue dogs. Keep up the good work with Animal Ambassadors!

      PS: don’t tell my mom that I know I was adopted.

  2. Dear Pickles, Please don’t forget your cannine cousins. I know that city life is busy and full of napping opportunities but your country relatives and those on foreign shores all deserve a place in your blog. Check in with your editor she has the content for review.
    Much Love, Tanta Lisa
    P.S. Nice work with the contractor this morning, I bet you need a anap.

  3. Dear Tanta Lisa, I loved when you came to visit and we all slept together, you and me and puppies that you brought with you. Don’t be to harsh on the editors, they’re only human.

    Your Loving Pup, Pickles

  4. hi pickles! you sleep nearly as much as my Millie!! tee hee
    Love your post.

  5. Hi Pickles. You are adorable:)

  6. Hello from New York. I like Pickles šŸ™‚

  7. We already love you Pickles!

    xoxo, Angel and Chaos

  8. Hey Pickles! We just nominated you for some treats! come get it here:


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