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Smacks of effort

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She wants to hop up for a nap, but it’s just so much work.

As always

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There’s a story here.

Betty was in the house one lovely afternoon when Pickles walked in whimpering.

Why are you crying?

You’ve had lunch.
You went for a walk.
The back door is open, so you can go outside anytime you like.

But Piks kept whining, so Betty got up and followed her outside. Where she found this:
Maybe next time Piks wants to play, Betty will be more cooperative.

2 vs. 1

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Betty thinks it’s time to make the bed. Pickles and the bunny disagree.

Now behind the ears

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Didn’t we just have to deal with Betty on this issue?

Fine, Poppy, you can stay on the chaise. Just this one time.


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Betty’s sitting on Pickles’ chaise again. It really wasn’t built for two. Maybe tomorrow she’ll finally give up the fight and sit in the other chaise.

We’re still talking about Betty.


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What do you mean, it’s time to go home? It’s still early.

You’re not going anywhere.

Thanks for visiting, Cindy!

A dog and her lobster

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Makes sense to us.


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