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On deck

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We’re never going back inside. Unless it rains.

Or gets dark.

Or there’s a loud noise.

Or it’s bedtime.

That’s right. We’re deck people now.

Al fresco

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Just one dog’s celebration of summer. And dinner.

And then the moose

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Right in our backyard! Well. the mama was in the neighbor’s yard.

Of course, if you were to ask Piks, she’d tell you all about the biggest bunnies she’d ever seen.

Watching safely from above. She’s no hero.


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We made it to our destination: Vail, CO!

Pickles had barely enough energy to unpack.

Eventually she managed to get herself on the couch with everyone else.

Yep, a lot of napping going on.


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We got caught in a massive storm while still on the road. Piks’ car (Car 1) made it to a rest stop, but Car 2 got stuck on the side of the road. When we finally inched our way to the rest stop, everyone was asleep, except for Ms. P.

This is what we found when we pulled up:
Somebody had to protect the car from the rain.

And we’re off!

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We’ve been out of touch for a while because we were traveling, but now we’re back, with plenty of Piks pics.

Here’s how the trip started out, with Pickles navigating:
Let’s just say it’s a good thing we had GPS.

Poor Joey

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Joey’s family thinks it’s time he became as comfortable with dogs as he is with cats. Joey disagrees.

Anyway, they brought him to meet Pickles. We managed to get a few pictures of the two dogs. It wasn’t easy, since Joey spent a bit of time hiding behind his dad, David, and sister, Lila.

Here he is, dying a little inside as Pickles approaches.
pickles-joey-lila 7-19-15

No dice, so Piks and David have a strategy session while Lila protects Joey.
pickles-joey-lila-david 7-19-15

Eventually, Joey’s nightmare ended. We hope he’s forgiven his family.

Maybe next time.

Whenever you’re ready

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Don’t rush through your gardening. I’ll be right here when you’re ready to turn on the hose for me.

It’s really hot out, but you just keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll be fine.

Business casual

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Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, so Pickles is dressed up to do some visiting.

(It’s also allergy season, and she is one itchy girl.)

She’s not too happy about the shirt – she refused to move for 20 minutes after we put it on her.

Note to self

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Poppy needs to start making lunch earlier if I want to eat on time.

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