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On deck

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We’re never going back inside. Unless it rains.

Or gets dark.

Or there’s a loud noise.

Or it’s bedtime.

That’s right. We’re deck people now.

Al fresco

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Just one dog’s celebration of summer. And dinner.

Poor Joey

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Joey’s family thinks it’s time he became as comfortable with dogs as he is with cats. Joey disagrees.

Anyway, they brought him to meet Pickles. We managed to get a few pictures of the two dogs. It wasn’t easy, since Joey spent a bit of time hiding behind his dad, David, and sister, Lila.

Here he is, dying a little inside as Pickles approaches.
pickles-joey-lila 7-19-15

No dice, so Piks and David have a strategy session while Lila protects Joey.
pickles-joey-lila-david 7-19-15

Eventually, Joey’s nightmare ended. We hope he’s forgiven his family.

Maybe next time.

Whenever you’re ready

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Don’t rush through your gardening. I’ll be right here when you’re ready to turn on the hose for me.

It’s really hot out, but you just keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll be fine.

As always

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There’s a story here.

Betty was in the house one lovely afternoon when Pickles walked in whimpering.

Why are you crying?

You’ve had lunch.
You went for a walk.
The back door is open, so you can go outside anytime you like.

But Piks kept whining, so Betty got up and followed her outside. Where she found this:
Maybe next time Piks wants to play, Betty will be more cooperative.

Now behind the ears

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Didn’t we just have to deal with Betty on this issue?

Fine, Poppy, you can stay on the chaise. Just this one time.


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Betty’s sitting on Pickles’ chaise again. It really wasn’t built for two. Maybe tomorrow she’ll finally give up the fight and sit in the other chaise.

We’re still talking about Betty.

Decked out

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Betty finally cleaned up the deck – furniture included – so Pickles can relax in her chair.

Vantage point

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Queen of all she surveys.

Second sign of spring

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Gathering firewood.

It’s never too early to prepare for next winter.

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