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On deck

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We’re never going back inside. Unless it rains.

Or gets dark.

Or there’s a loud noise.

Or it’s bedtime.

That’s right. We’re deck people now.

Al fresco

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Just one dog’s celebration of summer. And dinner.

Whenever you’re ready

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Don’t rush through your gardening. I’ll be right here when you’re ready to turn on the hose for me.

It’s really hot out, but you just keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll be fine.

At least the tomatoes are happy

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It’s been raining day and night. One night there was thunder, and Poppy and Pickles had to sleep in the den, because everybody knows that’s the only safe place on Earth – but only if Poppy’s in there, too.

Another time, there was a tiny bit of tiny hail, and neither Poppy nor Betty could make it stop. That was also quite terrible.

This is no time to be a weather princess.

One eye open

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Well, barely.

But if Piks wanted to keep an eye on the yard while napping on the bed, she totally could.

As always

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There’s a story here.

Betty was in the house one lovely afternoon when Pickles walked in whimpering.

Why are you crying?

You’ve had lunch.
You went for a walk.
The back door is open, so you can go outside anytime you like.

But Piks kept whining, so Betty got up and followed her outside. Where she found this:
Maybe next time Piks wants to play, Betty will be more cooperative.

Now behind the ears

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Didn’t we just have to deal with Betty on this issue?

Fine, Poppy, you can stay on the chaise. Just this one time.

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