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Al fresco

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Just one dog’s celebration of summer. And dinner.


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We got caught in a massive storm while still on the road. Piks’ car (Car 1) made it to a rest stop, but Car 2 got stuck on the side of the road. When we finally inched our way to the rest stop, everyone was asleep, except for Ms. P.

This is what we found when we pulled up:
Somebody had to protect the car from the rain.

Whenever you’re ready

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Don’t rush through your gardening. I’ll be right here when you’re ready to turn on the hose for me.

It’s really hot out, but you just keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll be fine.

At least the tomatoes are happy

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It’s been raining day and night. One night there was thunder, and Poppy and Pickles had to sleep in the den, because everybody knows that’s the only safe place on Earth – but only if Poppy’s in there, too.

Another time, there was a tiny bit of tiny hail, and neither Poppy nor Betty could make it stop. That was also quite terrible.

This is no time to be a weather princess.

Dark and stormy

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Actually it was just drizzling. And only a little bit overcast. But to get even slightly wet would be terrible.

Just terrible.

Decked out

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Betty finally cleaned up the deck – furniture included – so Pickles can relax in her chair.

Vantage point

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Queen of all she surveys.

Second sign of spring

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Gathering firewood.

It’s never too early to prepare for next winter.

First sign of spring

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Sunbathing on the deck.

At rest

Any day now, the snow will melt and it will be warm enough for a certain weather princess to play outside.

Until then, we nap.

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