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Friends of Pickles: Joey & Lola, in the beginning

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While sifting through some photos, Joey & Lola’s family found this one of their first nap together.

So tiny!

So cute!

So tired!

Friends of Pickles: Joey & Lola, post-rave

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They’re back! Although, after a night of non-stop playing, Joey and his cat Lola are in no shape to smile for the camera.

Friends of Pickles: Joey & Lola

More, more, more! We can’t get enough of Joey and Lola, who may be the funniest non-cartoon inter-critter pair ever. We’re especially impressed that Joey doesn’t let himself be defined by society – he’s as much Nancy Drew as he is a Hardy Boy. And this shot of Lola proves that sleeping cats are boneless – she easily conforms herself to any container and is perfectly comfortable.

Thanks to David for making sure we never go too long without a J&L fix.

Friends of Pickles: Joey and Lola, redux

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Remember Joey and his pet cat, Lola? David posted this photo on Facebook and we had to appropriate it. And we promise, Lola is not miserable. Well, not more than any other cat – they find the rest of us so disappointing most of the time, don’t they? David insisted she loves Joey, and he was backed up by Denise, the other adult human witness of all things J & L.

Friends of Pickles: Joey (& Lola)

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David sent in this photo of Joey sleeping on his special pillow. If it doesn’t make you laugh out loud, something’s wrong with you. Normally, we wouldn’t judge, but, yeah, something is definitely wrong with you.
After we stopped laughing, we noted that Lola appears more resigned than distressed. According to David, no one in the house loves Lola as much as Joey does. So hats off to Joey – Pickles grudgingly admits that he may be the one dog who has something that she does not: his own pet.

Poor Joey

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Joey’s family thinks it’s time he became as comfortable with dogs as he is with cats. Joey disagrees.

Anyway, they brought him to meet Pickles. We managed to get a few pictures of the two dogs. It wasn’t easy, since Joey spent a bit of time hiding behind his dad, David, and sister, Lila.

Here he is, dying a little inside as Pickles approaches.
pickles-joey-lila 7-19-15

No dice, so Piks and David have a strategy session while Lila protects Joey.
pickles-joey-lila-david 7-19-15

Eventually, Joey’s nightmare ended. We hope he’s forgiven his family.

Maybe next time.


Welcome to Spa Lola, where dogs receive the most luxurious treatments.

Joey here is enjoying the trés chien package.

Brotherly love

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Bailey the dog and Desi the cat are giving Joey and Lola a little competition in the area of inter-species sibling affection.

Big day coming

Pickles’ 2nd birthday is this Friday, so we’re visiting some of her favorite places this week in celebration. Ms. P loves people, food, toys, and treats, we’re dropping by the local pet supply stores she likes to frequent. After all, these are the places where we buy her food and the occasional toy while friendly people stuff her with treats.

Our first stop is the Happy Husky Bakery, where she’s known by name. Happy Husky is also the home of perhaps the best pedi-pedi deal in town, although Pickles doesn’t appreciate this as much as we do (as evidenced here).

Here she is at Happy Husky, waiting patiently in line.
pickles-happy husky bakery2-12-12

If you’re wondering what to get a dog for her birthday, the answer is nothing. But if you are so inclined, please consider making a donation in honor of her big day to Wright-Way Rescue. Pickles started out at there (as did her buddy Joey and his cat Lola). Wright-Way is a non-profit organization, and depends heavily on donations to maintain its mission.

Friends of Pickles: Frannie & Whoooch

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So you’ve probably already noticed that Frannie and Whoooch are not napping in this photo. Sure, we’ve all seen them asleep at one time or another. And, yes, this is Nap a Day. Don’t ask us why Joel couldn’t get a shot of them sleeping.

Frannie on the left, Whoooch on the right

We could go on (and on). But then we’d lose sight of how much we love Frannie and Whoooch. And that if it weren’t for Joel, there might not be a Pickles. You see, it was Joel who convinced Betty to visit Wright Way Rescue that particular day, where, admittedly, a lot of the dogs resemble Pickles (and Whoooch – and Joey, for that matter). So we think that kind of make Joel Pickles’ puppy daddy. Here he is, at Wright Way, convincing Betty that she needs a 3 month old Pickles.

Just try and say no to this face – we couldn’t

Thank you, Joel. You can have whatever you want.

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