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Poor Joey

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Joey’s family thinks it’s time he became as comfortable with dogs as he is with cats. Joey disagrees.

Anyway, they brought him to meet Pickles. We managed to get a few pictures of the two dogs. It wasn’t easy, since Joey spent a bit of time hiding behind his dad, David, and sister, Lila.

Here he is, dying a little inside as Pickles approaches.
pickles-joey-lila 7-19-15

No dice, so Piks and David have a strategy session while Lila protects Joey.
pickles-joey-lila-david 7-19-15

Eventually, Joey’s nightmare ended. We hope he’s forgiven his family.

Maybe next time.


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Simon, our favorite canine research scientist, visited recently to conduct an experiment on dog memory.

What was the experiment? We don’t recall.

The results? Positive … maybe.

What about Piks? She’s not talking.

Settling in

Dear Friends,

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving last week. My friend Elliot came to visit me. Here we are, after dinner, looking up canine gossip sites. You would not believe the weird stuff Lassie’s assistants had to do!

Love, Pickles


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This is Pickles’ friend, Lola. We don’t think we’ve ever met someone – human, canine or otherwise – so super-cool.

Have you?


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Presenting the newest flavor: Pickles!

(Note that Addie and Gracie seem to have finally accepted Piks into the clique. That’s right – she finally wore them down.)

Couch time

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Pickles’ friend Elliot came to visit, so of course she offered him couch time. Couch time is bestowed upon any guest who sits on the couch – it’s pretty much a dog in one’s face.

In other words, basic hospitality.

New ‘do

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Bandit, your faux-hawk is just perfect.


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Our friend Bailey died last week. He was a great dog, a wonderful friend to everyone, and a very good sport.

Despite the photo, he was probably a lousy cook. But that won’t stop Judy and George and the rest of his family (or any of us) from missing him. We have no doubt that Bailey is in dog heaven.

The latest research

Pickles’ very good friend (and future world-famous cano-neuroscientist) Simon is working on another hypothesis: do dogs have favorite colors? Of course, Piks was honored to participate in the study.

Simon set out four baskets, each a different color, and placed a treat in each one. Piks, being as smart as she believes herself to be, knew exactly what to do from there.

She favored the green basket (although she was graciously willing to eat all the treats). According to Simon, the dogs he studied chose green and pink most often.

Pen pal

Betty made a friend during her recent travels.

Pickles isn’t at all jealous. She knows the long-distance friendship will go nowhere. The panda won’t write back.
panda 2-25-14

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